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Construct new factory at industry district in 2012

MouldFly purchased Square-meter of land in Fung Chau Industrial Zone, with the investment of over 1 million funds and holded the ceremony on July 7. It will build some production lines to achieve the goal for custom-designing which combine the intergraded production process from OEM to ODM standard operation, development with CAD to CAM, the proofing QC packaging with extended resistance, and shipping services.

Taiwan is an export-oriented country, in order to enhance our international competitiveness, we shoulu change and made improvements to the era of change in the international environment, thus we replace mechanical and high precision equipment, to improve the product quality, and efficiency.

In the future, Fung Chau Industrial Park will be MouldFly's headquarters, meanwhile we hope to upgrade and enhance the industry and flourish with our government. The reform and innovation will proceed endlessly and upgrade the level of technical, in order to enhance the quality of customer service, so as to creat the internationalization and diversification of business, so that we can meet international standards, and also to run bueiness forever, moreover to create the economic opportunity for Taiwang. This is the common goal and vision of all colleagues.