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MouldFly industry limited liability company won 2014 GOLDEN HAND Award.

Congratulates MouldFly to have the honor to receive 103 year achievement superior small and medium-sized enterprise 2014 GOLDEN HAND Award. MouldFly Grasps the good quality and the service and continues to try hard, the modest study progresses unceasingly.MouldFly Completes the enterprise to continue forever to develop, carries on the social public welfare, the depth ploughs the enterprise culture. Thanks Taichung mayor Jason Hu to arrive the promulgation, gives the biggest affirmation.

Taichung mayor Jason Hu indicated acts according to the planning headquarters industry and commerce general survey.Near for five year Taichung GDP grew 45.7%, is entire Taiwan first.In the middle of world more than 200 countries row of 8th.Taichung's economy is growing fast, thanks outstanding enterprise's intention, lets Taichung's construction be more and more good, also is more prosperous.

Taichung mayor Jason Hu expressed the GOLDEN HAND Award needs to pass through the quite strict verification to be able to pass.The prize winners all pay quite many painstaking care to be able to obtain such affirmation.The GOLDEN HAND Award this likely industry and commerce oscar is same, expected can drive the manufacturer the confidence, the increase industry competitive power, in the lifter board economical development.

The GOLDEN HAND Award is the Taichung annual milestone, also is one time which the small and medium-sized enterprise takes extremely selects.

Thanks the Taichung City Government.